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Bryan Vo M.S. Chemistry Potma 2018 Pharmacy School

Vera Prytkova M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Tobias 2018

Eric Wong M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Tobias 2018 Engineer at Intel Corporation

Robert Sanderson M.S. Ph.D Physics Ragan 2018

Shaowei Li M.S. Ph.D Physics Ho 2017

Han Lee M.S. Ph.D Physics Krivorotov 2017 Everspin Technologies

Jieyi Zhang M.S. Ph.D Physics Krivorotov 2017 Senior Engineer I ASML

Rajen Dutta M.S. Ph.D Physics Penner 2017 Intel Corporation

Changhao Wang M.S. Ph.D Physics Luo 2017

Yu-Jin Chen M.S. Ph.D Physics Krivorotov 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar UCI

Nicholas Tallarida M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Apkarian 2017 NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow at NASA Jet Propulsion Labratory

Alejandro Jara Abarzua M.S. Ph.D Physics 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar UCI

Mayukh Banik M.S. Ph.D Physics Apkarian 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar CASTL UCI

Andrew Smith M.S. Ph.D Physics Krivorotov 2016 Intel Corporation

Junghoon Jahng M.S. Ph.D Physics Potma 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), Daejeon, Korea

Jordan Vincent M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Furche and Tobias 2016 Lecturer at California State University, Los Angeles

Sandra Blair M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Nizkorodov 2016 Research Associate at University of Colorado Boulder

Kelsey Collier M.S. Ph.D Physics Martin 2016 Postdoc at FMP-Berlin Department of NMR-Supported Structural Biology

Kochise Bennett M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Mukamel 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow UC Berkeley

Emel Ficici M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Andricioaei 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow at National Institutes of Health

Mohammed El Makkaoui M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Law 2015 Hotel Manager Family Kingdom Resort

Brian Youngblood M.S. Ph.D Physics Krivorotov 2015 Lecturer at UC Santa Barbara

Du Nguyen M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Esser-Khan 2015 Postdoctoral Scientist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Julia Majors M.S. Ph.D Physics Apkarian 2015 Project Manager at American Institute of Physics

Moritz Limpinsel M.S. Ph.D Physics Law 2015 Development Engineer Alta Devices

Kyunghee Mike Cho M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Corn 2015 East West Law Group

Brandon Krull M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Furche 2015 Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

John Snyder M.S. Ph.D Physics Burke 2015 Postdoctoral Fellow Klaus-Robert Muller at T.U. Berlin and Hardy Gross at the Max Planck Institute for microstructure physics in Halle

Chi-Lun Jiang M.S. Ph.D Physics Ho 2015 Process Engineer, Intel Corporation

Patrick Sims M.S. Ph.D Physics Collins and Weiss 2015 Scientist at SPAWAR

Jordan Brocious M.S. Ph.D Physics Potma 2015 Self-employed

Wesley Botello-Smith M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Luo 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher at Western University of Health Sciences

Laura Innes M.S. Ph.D Physics Siwy 2015 Application Engineer ASML

Max Ahkterov M.S. Ph.D Physics Collins 2015 Scanadu Inc.

Shawn Perdue M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Apkarian 2014 Member of the Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corporation

Brittany Hyland M.S. Ph.D Physics Martens 2014 Part-time faculty at Saddleback College

Steven Yampolsky M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Apkarian 2014 R&D Engineer Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc.

Christopher Dunckle M.S. Ph.D Physics 2014 Competence Engineer at ASML

Brad Corso M.S. Ph.D Physics Collins 2014 Software Engineer, Mobile Applications at Google

Angel Velasco M.S. Ph.D Physics Taborek 2014 Optical Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nicholas Sharac M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Ragan 2014 Postdoc at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Alejandro Rodriguez Perez M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Apkarian 2013 KLA-Tencor Field Applications Engineer

Ahmet Mentes M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Andricioaei 2013 Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Lau M.S. Physics Yee 2013 Physics teacher at Santa Margarita Catholic High School & Adjunct Physics Instructor at Cypress College

Hasan Celik M.S. Ph.D Physics Shaka 2013 Director NMR Facility Berkeley College of Chemistry

James.Taing M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Hemminger 2013 Assistant Specialist, UCI

Cassandra Burke M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Luptak 2013 Research Scientist at NanoString Technologies, Inc.

Megan Warner Szyndler M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Corn 2013 BASF

Rebecca Shapiro M.S. Ph.D Physics Martin 2013

Jefferson Bates M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Furche 2013 Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Appalachian State University

Nicholas Preketes M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Mukamel and Andricioaei 2013 Senior Manager Business Analysis and Insights at Amgen

Marie van Staveren M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Apkarian 2012 Lecturer University of Maryland Baltimore College Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Tatyana Sheps M.S. Ph.D Physics Collins 2012 Field Applications Engineer at KLA-Tencor

Tom Boatwright M.S. Ph.D Physics Dennin 2012

Fawn Huisman M.S. Ph.D Physics Taborek 2012 PTD Process Engineer Intel Corporation

Matthew Pevarnik M.S. Ph.D Physics Siwy 2012 Assistant Professor of Physics Regent University

Susan Genc M.S. Ph.D Physics 2012 Physical Scientist at RAND Corporation

Jason Deckman M.S. Ph.D Chemistry Mandelshtam 2011 Software Engineer at Human Longevity, Inc.

Adam Van Wart M.S. Chemistry 2011 Chemistry Professor at San Diego Mesa College

Attila Cangi M.S Ph.D Physics Burke 2011 Postdoc at Max Planck Institute, Halle

Nicholas Berry M.S Ph.D Physics Law Intel Corporation

Nicole Richards M.S Ph.D Chemistry Finlayson-Pitts 2011 Research Scientist I at Gilead Sciences

Patrick Hogan M.S Ph.D Chemistry Martens 2011 Senior Engineer II - Uber

Daniel Healion M.S Ph.D Chemistry 2011 Postdoc, UCI

Desire Whitmore M.S Ph.D Chemistry Potma Spring 2011 Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA

Xiao Cheng M.S Ph.D Physics Krivorotov Winter 2011 Senior Hardware Development
Engineer at Hitachi Global Storage

Jordan Pio M.S Ph.D Chemistry Jandak Spring 2010 KLA Tencor, Milpitas, CA

Matthew Aggleton M.S Ph.D Physics Taborek Spring 2010 Engineering Manager at Thermal-Vac Technology

Eric Kalman M.S Ph.D Physics Siwy Fall 2010 Nanometrics, Milpitas, CA

Alex Kane M.S Ph.D Physics Collins Spring 2010

"Bucky" Vaikunth Khalap M.S Ph.D Physics Collins Fall 2010 Scientist/Engineer at DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems, Cypress, CA

Matthew Powell M.S Ph.D Physics Siwy Spring 2010 Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Irvine

Eric Schow M.S Ph.D Physics Tobias Fall 2009 Software Engineer at Kuapay LLC, Santa Monica, CA

Aniketa Shinde M.S Ph.D Physics Ragan Fall 2009 Education/Outreach Coordinator at WVNano, Morgantown, West Virginia at West Virginia University

Chengxiang Xiang M.S Ph.D Physics Penner Summer 2009 Post Doc at CalTech

Harindar Keer M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Ritz June 2009 Co-founder of EduCircle Online Academy, New Delhi, India

Daniel Hurt M.S Physics Fisk Fall 2008 Systems Engineer at Quantum Design

Wei Luo M.S. Ph.D. Physics Hemminger December 2008 Research & Development Engineer at Aegiste Technology, Los Angeles, CA

Neelanjana Sengupta M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Tobias September 2008 Scientist, Theory and Computational Sciences Research Group, National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, India

Robert Walder M.S. Ph.D. Physics Dennin September 2008 Postdoctoral Reseacher at University of Colorado at Boulder

Brett Goldsmith M.S. Ph.D. Physics Collins June 2008 Founder, CTO Nanomedical Diagnostics San Diego, CA

Carrie Menke M.S. Ph.D. Physics Janda June 2008 Physics lecturer at UC Merced

Steve Mang M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Nizkorodov June 2008 Lecturer, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, ML.

Joanne Abbondondola-Butcher M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Janda June 2008 Consulting Process Engineer, SML Associates and Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, Cal. State San Marcos, CA

George Nazin M.S. Ph.D. Physics Ho June 2007 Assistant Professor at University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Vahan Ghazarian M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Apkarian June 2007 Scientific/Technology Analyst at Affiliated Research Economics and Lecturer, Glendale College, Glendale, CA

Darren Segale M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Apkarian June 2007 Engineer, Illumina Inc., San Diego, CA

Richard Lazarowich M.S. Ph.D. Physics Taborek June 2007 Researcher, Lockheed Martin, San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Yuhong Wang M.S. Ph.D. Physics Dennin September 2007 System Engineer at MaxLinear

Ping Chu M.S. Ph.D. Physics Mills September 2007 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, UC Irvine

Hrant Seferyan M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Apkarian September 2007 Manager at Quantronix Corporation

Brian Carter M.S. Ph.D. Physics Gross June 2007

Eduardo Roman M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Martens June 2006 Senior Associate at MSCI Inc., San Francisco, CA

Ryan Benz M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Tobias June 2006 Scientist, Applied Proteomics, Glendale, CA

Erik Menke M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Penner March 2006 Asst Professor, Dept. of Natural Sciences, University of California, Merced, CA.

Nate Emmott M.S. Chemistry Collins June 2005 Systems Designer at Bioware, Austin, TX

Thu Zar Lwin M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Tobias March 2005 Researcher, Department of Molecular Biotechnology, Hartwell Center for Bioinformatics and Biotechnology, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

Simon Jaud-Trudeau M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Tobias December 2005 Ph.D. student in Financial Engineering at the Université Laval, Québec, Canada

Tim McMillan M.S. Ph.D. Physics Taborek June 2005 Systems Analyst, Ab Initio Software LLC, Boston, MA

Michael Karavitis M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Apkarian December 2004 Director of Laser Research, Development and Engineering at Alcon LenSx, Inc. Aliso Viejo, CA

Erich Walter M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Penner June 2004 CNST Visiting Fellow at NIST, Washington, DC

Zsolt Bihary M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Gerber June 2003 Researcher, Institute for Mathematics of Finance, Budapest, Hungary.

Jianhan Chen M.S. Ph.D. Chemistry Manselshtam June 2002 Asst Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

Warren Erath M.S. Physics Taborek December 2001 Physics Teacher at Sage Hill High School, Newport Beach, CA

Michael Stone M.S. Physics Taborek September 2001 Electro Otical Engineer at Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies