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What are the requirements for admission to ChaMP?

Admission to the ChaMP Program (Chemical and Materials Physics) requires the successful completion of a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, and Engineering with a GPA of 3.1 or better. Additional criteria includes the applicant's undergraduate course record, letters of recommendation, and GRE scores in either physics, chemistry, or engineering.

While we intend to draw students from a broad base nationally and internationally, the concentration is also well suited for students returning after experience in industry. In the latter case, work experience in physical sciences may be used as basis for partial fulfillment of admission requirements.

Communication skills in English are required for admission. The verbal core on the GRE exam is a criterion for establishing this competence. Foreign students are additionally required to submit scores of Test of Spoken English (TSE).

How do I apply to the ChaMP Program?

Students in the ChaMP program are admitted to either Physics or Chemistry Departments. Apply for admission to graduate studies to either Physics and Chemistry and indicate that you are interested in ChaMP.


Each ChaMP student will be assigned two advisors, one from Physics & Astronomy and one from Chemistry, upon entering the program. Students are expected to meet regularly with their advisors for consultation on course and career planning. A Masters thesis advisor, of the student's choosing, typically made in the second year of studies, completes the advisory committee. The committee evaluates the Masters Thesis.

Each Ph.D. student must, by mutual agreement, choose a research advisor from the faculty in the participating departments participating in ChaMP. The research advisor guides the thesis research. A faculty advisory committee of three follows the student progress, and administers the Candidacy and Dissertation examinations.

Are there residence requirements for the ChaMP program?

Residence Requirement:

  • 1 Summer quarter
  • 6 Academic quarters
  • Are there teaching requirements?

    Teaching Requirement:

  • 3 quarters
  • Teaching is regarded as an important part of the graduate experience. Unless special circumstances prevail, 3 quarters is regarded as the minimal requirement.

    What are the qualifying exam and dissertation requirements?

    Masters Thesis:
    A Masters Thesis is based on a research project supervised by an advisor, and evaluated by the student's committee. The M.S. Thesis need be of no specified length or format, but must report significant findings in readable, meaningful form, and must reveal the student's general grasp of the field and awareness of related work.

    Qualifying Exam:
    Students who pursue the Ph.D. will be required to take a Qualifying Examination by the end of the 2nd year.

    Advancement to Candidacy:
    A candidacy examination is expected to be completed within a year of starting the Ph.D. program. The examination is comprised of two parts: (a) a written report on a topic to be determined in consultation with the research advisor and (b) an oral report on research accomplished and plans for completion of the Ph.D. dissertation.

    A dissertation will be required without exception for the Ph.D. degree. The Ph.D. dissertation need be of no specified length or format, but must report results of an original piece of work in readable, meaningful form, at the same time revealing the student's general grasp of the field and awareness of related work. Roughly, a criterion for acceptability will be that the dissertation - probably in condensed form - would be suitable for publication in a recognized journal. A final oral dissertation defense will be required of Ph.D. candidates.