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Pre-First Year Summer Training

In order to integrate students with chemistry and physics backgrounds, the ChaMP program begins in the summer with three preparatory courses:

  :: Chemistry for Physicists
  :: Math for Chemists
  :: Laboratory Skills

The Laboratory Skills course integrates physics and chemistry students into one class, and develops the skills necessary to excel in modern laboratories.

The summer session concludes with lab rotations in which students work on short research projects in the labs of ChaMP faculty.

ChaMP Summer 2016:   July 5th  - September 2nd, 2016

2016 - Download Complete Summer Session Schedule


Course Descriptions

Chem/Phys 206 - Laboratory Skills
Introduces students to a variety of practical laboratory techniques, including lock-in, boxcar, coincidence counting, noise filtering, PID control, properties of common transducers, computer interfacing to instruments, vacuum technology, electronics, electron microscopy, microfabrication techniques, basic mechanical design, and shop skills.

Phys 207 - Chemistry for Physicists
Introduction to fundamental concepts in molecular structure and reactivity: theory of bonding, valence and molecular orbitals; structure and reactivity in inorganic chemistry; elements in molecular group theory; nomenclature in organic chemistry; and survey of macromolecules.

Chem 208 - Mathematics for Chemists
Applications of mathematics to physical and chemical problems. Calculus of special functions, complex variables and vectors; linear vector spaces and eigenvalue problems. Differential Equations."

Typical Summer Session Schedule

Morning Afternoon Afternoon Topics
Week 1 Experimental Techniques Lab Skills LabVIEW, AutoCAD, Image Processing, Experimental Apparatus Design
Week 2 Experimental Techniques Lab Skills Experiment Automation (GPIB, DAQ), Precision Measurement Techniques, Lock in Detection, PID
Week 3 Experimental Techniques Lab Skills Microscopy: Scanning Electron Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Optical Microscopy
Week 4 Experimental Techniques Lab Skills Nanofabrication Techniques: Lithography, Etching; Vacuum Technology, Film Deposition
Week 5 Math for Chemists/Chemistry for Physicists Lab Rotations Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Week 6 Math for Chemists/Chemistry for Physicists Lab Rotations Nanowires and Sensors, Complex Fluids
Week 7 Math for Chemists/Chemistry for Physicists Lab Rotations Nonlinear Optics, Aerosol Optics, Clathrate Synthesis
Week 8 Math for Chemists/Chemistry for Physicists Lab Rotations Photolithography and film Deposition, Nanofluidics
Week 9 Math for Chemists/Chemistry for Physicists Lab Rotations Machine Shop Class

updated 6.28.2016